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Policy paper "The Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish government"

Policy paper "Federalism between realism and minorities in Syria"


Policy paper "Muslim Treasury and Minorities"


Issam Khoury published a Policy paper entitled The Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish Government. The text analyzes the dynamics of relations between Turkish Islamist figures and the secular state and the recent development of pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey.

Issam Khoury published a policy paper entitled "Federalism between realism and minorities in Syria". The text contains the author's comprehensive analysis of the possible federalization of the territory of Syria with a sensitive view of the realities of minorities.

Issam Khoury published a policy paper entitled Muslim treasury and minorities. The text analyzes the current relationship of the so-called Salvation Government in Syrian Idlib to minorities. 

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Parallel Zones Project

“The border control strategy”

The Feasibility of Militia Integration in Libya

This is a roadmap for resolving disputes in Syria under American guidance, and with the oversight of Syrian figures who believe in the culture of coexistence, freedom, and human justice. It aims to ensure successful implementation of the Geneva I Conference decisions by Syria, without the unnecessary Russian interference seen in the Astana talks.

Libyan Dossier, characterized by the proliferation of militias and fragmented governance, presents unique challenges and opportunities for DDR processes, as explored by Fuat Emir Sefkatli. In this insightful article, Sefkatli, an expert in non-state armed groups and DDR strategies, delves into the intricacies of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration within the context of Libya's tumultuous post-conflict landscape.