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Karpatské Námestie 10A, Bratislava, Slovakia 




The Czech-Slovak Institute of Oriental Studies is a distinguished institute dedicated to the in-depth exploration of the Middle East's complexities.


We concentrate not only on broad macro-issues but also key areas of focus such as extremism, migration, violence, and the role of journalism in this pivotal region.


Our commitment lies in diving beneath the surface of mainstream narratives to examine demographic changes, climate impacts, and economic strategies of states.


In doing so, we present a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of Middle Eastern realities, setting the stage for informed discourse and enlightened policy-making.



Our Mission

CSIORS aims to foster a more profound, global understanding of the Middle East. We seek to connect the past, illuminate the present, and anticipate the future, focusing particularly on the impact and interplay of extremism, migration, violence, and journalism.


Through meticulous research and analysis, we bridge the gap between scholarly understanding and public perception.


Our work serves to challenge preconceptions, stimulate informed dialogue, and guide effective policy-making.

Our mission, guided by a commitment to truth, respect, and peace, is to ensure that the complexities of the Middle East are appreciated in their full context, contributing to a more peaceful and understanding global future.



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