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Orient Weekly Watch: CSIORS Edition - Friday, February 9th, 2024

2024-02-12 00:18

Array( [98271] => Array ( [author_name] => Filip Benes [author_description] => [slug] => filip-benes ) [98272] => Array ( [author_name] => Tomas Krizan [author_description] => [slug] => tomas-krizan ) [98273] => Array ( [author_name] => Issam Khoury [author_description] => Researcher, filmmaker, and journalist with 20+ years of reporting on developments in the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on human rights, terrorism, religious groups, and minorities. [slug] => issam-khoury ) [99632] => Array ( [author_name] => Carmen Gravano [author_description] => [slug] => carmen-gravano ) [100420] => Array ( [author_name] => Jan Záhořík [author_description] => Africanist/social scientist focusing on the modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa as well as the issues of nationalism, identity, conflicts, inequalities, European-African relations in the Cold War, and recently also the issues of migration and security related issues particularly in the West African Sahel region [slug] => jan-zahoik ) [102511] => Array ( [author_name] => Fuat Emir Şefkatli [author_description] => Is a researcher specializing in non-state armed groups (NSAGs) in Libya and the Sahel region, as well as disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) processes. He holds a master’s degree from Plymouth University, Department of International Relations and Global Security, and is currently pursuing his PhD studies in the Strategy and Security Studies Program at the National Defense University in Turkey. Şefkatli serves as a North African Studies Researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) and as an Associate Research Fellow at the Czech-Slovak Institute of Oriental Studies (CSIORS). He has contributed scholarly works and his commentaries and opinions have been featured in international media outlets including Al Jazeera English, Daily China, Russia Today, Middle East Monitor, and TRT World. [slug] => fuat-emir-efkatli )) no author 98368

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Orient Weekly Watch: CSIORS Edition - Friday, February 9th, 2024

Let us navigate the Middle East nuances: Egypt's Informal Market; first african fossile exhibition; Tehran media office.


Let us guide you through the Middle East with curated links: insightful analyses and forecasts from top sources on regional complexities.



Newarab.com: Speculation Sparks Decline in US Dollar Value on Egypt's Informal Market

Rumors of UAE investments and an IMF visit caused the US dollar to drop in Egypt's informal market. The Egyptian pound struggled against the dollar, leading to higher commodity prices due to import reliance. Initial IMF conditions included a $3 billion loan over 46 months. Gold prices fluctuated amid uncertain demand.


Moroccoworldnews.com: First African Fossil Heritage Exhibition Hosted in Rabat

Fez - The National Library of Morocco in Rabat will host an exhibition on fossil heritage starting February 5, the first of its kind in Africa. Featuring fossils from Gabon and others dating back 2.5 billion years, the event aims to showcase Africa's rich natural heritage. Titled "Africa: Cradle of Humankind," the exhibition highlights Morocco's fossils and fosters international scientific research collaboration. Open to the public for the month of February, it promises to captivate fossil enthusiasts and learners alike.


Iranintl.com: Possible Connection Between Raid on Tehran Media Office and Iran Sanctions

Security forces raided Farda-ye Eghtesad, detaining 30 journalists and confiscating equipment, potentially related to recent revelations about Iran's illicit fund transfers. The website's ties to Kian Capital, owned by political activist Majid Zamani, are under scrutiny. While the judiciary denies a connection to journalism, the ongoing investigation involves other Kian Group subsidiaries. Zamani, based in London, claims ignorance of the alleged sanction-related video prompting the raids.

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